Join us for our Night of Shopping for a Cause


Our Night of Shopping for a Cause Fundraiser is NEXT WEEK! Not sure what you would possibly need from an auto parts store? We have many things in stock that you might find surprising. This lovely KUMA Outdoor Gear picnic blanket comes in red and grey plaid. They are so soft and perfect to throw in the back of the car, for a picnic, a soccer game, even a baby change pad when in need!

Join us on Tuesday November 20th from 6-9pm at Kenmac Auto Parts at 1045 Gibsons Way for this great fundraiser for Sunshine Coast Secret Santa - For Families in Need. 15% of all sales will be donated to this amazing charity that helps so many local families this holiday season!

LED vs. Halogen Headlights: What's the difference?


This week we are featuring our 5800LM LED Headlights from 3Sixty Performance lighting. You May have asked yourself "What is the difference between halogen or LED headlights?" Well we have an answer for you!  

Halogen headlights are at type of incandescent light, and just like it's counterparts in home lighting, it is an old, dated, and generally inefficient way to produce light.  When you have changed out most of the lights in your house for more efficient energy saving lights, such as LED's, doesn't it make sense to do the same for your vehicle?

LED's produce less heat and are more energy efficient, which will safe you fuel. They are also much brighter and have a better light disbursement in general.  

Here is a video to help show the difference:



Rain Got You Down?

The rain is here to staydon't let your wiper blades let you down (1).jpg

Fall is upon us and it is time to get you vehicle winter-ready. It's time to check and replace your wiper blades, fill your anti-freeze, check you belts for cracks and replace them if necessary, check your oil, and more. If you need help with this come on by, and any one of our amazing staff members would be more than willing to help! 

A week of flashlights

Flashlights, we never really think about them. They are commonplace, and taken for granted until the power goes out! I had one such evening here on the coast not more than a week ago at my home.

The power went out and I wasn't prepared. I only had one flashlight in the entire house and no way of knowing when the power would come back on. I settled in with my one flashlight from Kenmac and swore the next time I would be better prepared. 

Make sure you don't get caught this winter without one nearby, with new batteries at hand. We have so many great ones to choose from. Make sure you are prepared for whatever this winter throws at you!

A Day at the Races

The drag races are always a good time to be had by all, and this year was no exception. They are put on by the Sunshine Coast Drag Racing Association (SCDRA), and you can tell they love what they do. It is a spectacle, with street racers, hot rods and everything in between. Racers young and old are welcomed with a spirit of camaraderie and a healthy dose of competition. The competitors race the 1/8 mile, some with friends along for the ride, as they set their times and get a feel of how fast they will need to go for the elimination rounds. The elimination rounds start and the racers race themselves and their opponent with anticipation, not knowing until the very end whether they have beat their opponent and stayed within their time, or whether they have timed out. The racers continue all day in the sweltering heat, and put on a great show for everyone involved. It's always a great day at the races!  

Shawn Boyd's Mercury Comet waiting for its time to shine.

Shawn Boyd's Mercury Comet waiting for its time to shine.

January Is Tires and Chains Month!

Let's start the year out right with new tires and tire chains! Come in and get one of our knowledgeable and helpful staff to help you with all your tire needs. If we don't have the tires you need, we can order them in (for most makes and models).

When going up Dakota Ridge, or on a trip this winter, make sure you are prepared with some tire chains. We have many in store to choose from.